In the Field: Vintage Schooner Wallpaper

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Good design is never out of style (even if it falls out of fashion for a time).  This vintage schooner wallpaper at the summer home of my friend’s in-laws is an example of wallpaper done right (and there is always the scary possibility of it going so terribly, terribly wrong).  The paper looks as crisp as ever, especially paired with the simplicity of the wooden shutters. It reminds me of a great book temporarily in my possession – and currently overdue – from the library called The Lore of Ships.

Published in 1962, it is really quite an incredible book, covering everything from fishing to gunnery to knots to pulleys to figureheads, every tiny detail sketched to schematic perfection.  The book’s design is so aesthetically pleasing, its illustrations (more than 1,500 of them) so dazzling I could hardly take in its wealth of information.  If only I had the patience, and lack of any moral qualms about destroying such an amazing book, I would track down a vintage copy of it and use the pages as wallpaper, a homage to the circa 1960s classic spotted in that summer home.

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