Spotted: Giant Twig Ball

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Now I love things made of twigs (see my store for details: twig coat racks and lamps and…) and I love circles and orbs, so you can imagine my delight when I drove past this perfect marriage of the two, this giant ball of twig, resting – not on the lawn of the village eccentric’s house, or the lawn of one of those woodsy types with an “Adirondack Furniture for Sale” sign hanging above his mailbox – no, this particular Giant Ball of Twig was located on the sort of complacent suburban lawn one finds all over America.  This twig ball was placed somewhere between the hostas-planted-around-the-maple-tree, and the paved driveway ending in a two-car garage.  And somehow this awkward juxtaposition of middle class America and off-beat Americana made the discovery of the twig orb (I really need to settle on a terminology here) even more thrilling.

There is a lesson here: a random ball of twig lurks inside all of us, a bit of the wildness of nature forced to submit to a shape as old as time, a sculpture that reminds us of something outside our living room flat-screen TV with its endless glorification of conformity to the artificial.

May your newly-mowed lawn always be graced with a giant ball of twig.

3 thoughts on “Spotted: Giant Twig Ball

    • Hey! I like it! Maybe this could be a sort of aesthetic version of a needle exchange (not to be unduly crass…) – people could bring in their mirrored gazing balls and receive twig ones in return. Everybody wins.

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