Inspired: You Say De-cahn-ter, I say De-can-ter

Inspired by Abby from 5th Joy’s feature on vintage barware (occupying a space in her soon-to-be-redecorated drawing room that will resemble, according to Abby,  “the design love child of a speakeasy and an old-school hotel”), I went off to my basement lair (not an overstatement of my basement’s condition) in search of the remnants of my own collection of vintage decanters.

There they were, tucked away in a dusty box.  The collection used to be more numerous, and seeing the photos of all that vintage barware parading across 5th Joy’s post made me almost sorry that I had let a few very nice pieces get away from me during one of my de-acquisitioning frenzies.   Barware is fun to collect when you’re on the hunt at your favorite flea market.  The pieces feel glamorous in an accessible sort of way.

These Lonely Few

Not being much of a bar kinda girl, in the end my interest in these pieces waned until I ended up with this sad lonely little pair.  But I might want to reconsider my decision to unload my decanters; maybe we all could use at least a corner of our homes for such a collection, a homage to an era more gracious than our own.  If a little boozier.

2 thoughts on “Inspired: You Say De-cahn-ter, I say De-can-ter

  1. I would be happy to acquire the green decanter for my newly painted, flea-market-found $15 bar cart! If you are still paring down and may want to sell, lemme know!

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