Christmas in New England, Take 2

Abby's Living Room (image via 5th Joy)

Clearly I have been less-than-inspired so far when it comes to holiday decorating.  This may change now that I’ve taken a look at what Abby of 5th Joy has created in a single afternoon.  In decorating her main living area (already quite a handsome space), she managed to keep things streamlined and simple, free of cliches  – I don’t think the color red makes an appearance anywhere – yet traditional in the best sense of the word.


Abby's Display of Vintage Glass Floats (image via 5th Joy)

The Roving Home feels honored to have made the cut, as Abby incorporated the vintage glass fishing floats we sell into her holiday look.  And the vintage floats look right at home among all that lovely mercury glass.

Looking at 5th Joy’s photos – and you really must do the same – has motivated me to step away from never-ending housework and the unblinking screen and participate in the rituals of the season.  I think it’s time to pull the Christmas boxes out of my basement lair, put on a little Bing (the musical kind), and get to it!

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