Magazine Talk: Crafts with Marth-er

When the history of the great Craft/DIY Revolution of the last decade is written (and it will be written.  Probably as a doctoral dissertation, if the state of American education continues its downward spiral), no doubt no one will be credited more than Martha Stewart for the flourishing of Craft in this country.  And deservedly so.  The woman is amazing: originally a one-woman cottage industry, now expanded into a entire hive of worker bees, all with their own ivy league educations, barn jackets, and glue guns.  I never actually want to read one of her publications, but always pick them up anyway, knowing they will be chock-full of helpful information, earnestly researched and meticulously photographed.  Reading Martha Stewart’s Living is like taking medicine, in that it that both heals and inspires.  Actually, maybe it’s more like a vitamin than a medicine.  Either way you don’t want a dose of her, yet you’re always glad you had one after it’s over.

That said, this month’s Living left me wanting in the usually reliable Crafting department.  Perhaps Marther is a victim of her own success.  With blogs breeding like rabbits – half of them devoted to churning out handmade wonders – and magazines like Woman’s Day and Better Homes & Gardens (formerly Marther’s sad little sisters when it comes to featuring projects you actually would be proud of) stepping it up when it comes to crafts, the team at Living is really under some pressure to stay on the cutting edge.  (I can think of lots of puns here but I’ll spare you.)

Witness this month’s “Crafting: handmade goods” feature.  Wowsa.  Here it is:

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