Tabletop Glamour

Anyone who knows me soon realizes that I am to glamour what Madonna is to singing.  I participate at times, but it is not my forte.

However.  I go for glamour occasionally, the holidays being one of those occasions.  You know the oft-repeated (at least on HGTV shows) phrase “pops of color”?  Well, during the holidays I go for pops of glamour.  And by pops I mean my glamorous decorating moments appear completely at random, juxtaposed against the rest of my holiday decor, which is pretty much inspired by Little House on the Prairie.  Lots of woodsy things that looks scavenged.  Because they were.

To clarify: by glamorous, I mean Grandmother-glamorous.  Old-style, side-table-piled-with-random-shiny-bits glamorous.  Not Hollywood-glamorous.

Christmas on a Round Tray

The decanters are vintage (they made an appearance in a recent post), the mercury glass candleholders are from my store, the gold-leaf toleware candleholders – barely seen behind the attention-hogging decanters – are vintage as well.  I suppose I could part with them if someone asked nicely.  And paid for them.  The aqua glass ornament is also vintage – it’s really charming, and I pulled it from my inventory of vintage glass ornaments  sold at the store because I knew I would be sad to see it go.  {This rarely happens, by the way.} Finally, the silver-leaf pear is something I made for my store in its early years.  When I was misguided enough to think I could compete with women in China and India making .001 cents an hour and silver-leaf a papier-mache pear and then hand-bead a wire leaf for it to create my own line of holiday pieces.  Six hours –  and lungs full of silver-leaf dust –  later and voila!  A hand-made pear ornament!  I made several, and I think I priced them at $16.00 each.  Kill me now.  Anyway, the point is that sometimes glamour – even for those of us who are more Mary Ann than Ginger –  is a very welcome element in our decorating.

May pops of glamour be yours this holiday season.

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