Christmas: Natural & Homemade

My friend Skinner has mad style, as the kids say (do kids still say that?).  She has all the right credentials – art school, stints as a shop owner, as a product and floral designer, etc. –  but her credentials are nothing compared to her plain old raw ability.

You can see her talent in the front-door wreath she pulled together from generally not-seen-together elements: scavenged berries, fresh greens, and tiny little bright green brussel sprouts.  Brussel sprouts?  Yes.  Why not?  A lovely green color, round as an ornament, a gift from nature itself – what could be more reminiscent of the holidays?  And because my friend is slightly (well…more than slightly) obsessed, these brussel sprouts are organic.

Look at the wreath’s color against aubergine door. But first, notice the aubergine door.  Classic New England style, yet completely fresh all the same.

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