Fresh Business Cards

Fresh Business cards for a fresh year.  I occasionally become a little obsessed with business cards and actually have a book dedicated to their design – which seems a little over-the-top for a non-professional like myself.  But for this card I decided to go with my gut instead of thinking and over-thinking and then over-over-thinking until every design possibility turns to mush in my mind’s eye.  I actually had a good time designing this card, putting together a collage representative of The Roving Home’s aesthetic and products:  a little vintage, a little handmade and a little modern.

The front of the card

The Back of the Card

The background of the card is a page from a vintage home design book, and is actually a checklist for organizing your home design involving some sort of complicated algorithm of letters and grids – fascinating and everything, but time for a new life as part of a collage.  I layered a vintage image of a circa 1900s classic house from the same book over the background, replacing what was formerly a sketch of a house in the old logo.  But on the new card the girl and the cart are still rendered in a sketch, so there’s a little of the handmade quality still asserting itself.

Now onto The Roving Home store itself:  I look forward to the coming year and introducing some new(ish) merchandise.  A few handpainted pieces (which is what I used to do back in the day), lots more paper goods and of course, interesting vintage accessories.

Happy 2011!

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