The Art & Drama of Handpainted Furniture

I love handpainted furniture. At least I think I do. I love it until I actually confront having a commission and then I panic. I used to paint furniture and all sorts of other pieces (floorcloths, shadowboxes, et cetera) for my store, and as previously mentioned, by commission. But then I grew tired of it. Really tired of it, so I stopped. But lately…

I was scrolling through some old images of pieces I painted long ago and actually felt a desire to take it up again. For me, the pendulum swings between attempting a refined, traditional handpainted style or trying for a more primitive, stylized look. And sometimes I like to go for something altogether more contemporary (read: trendy), when taking on a handpainting project.

It’s been impossible for me to settle on a single style. In fact, feeling as though I should develop a single style, a painter’s identity, so to speak (such as repeatedly painting florals on white bureaus), is what killed the love for me a few years ago.

So now I’m just going with the flow. Feel like attempting a Fitz Henry Lane-style meticulous marine scene? Okay! I’ll try that! Would I rather paint stylized trees rendered against an acid green? Sounds great! So while my ability to brand myself as a decorative painter with an identifiable style suffers (no small thing if I’m going to market my stuff), at least I don’t get so bored and frustrated that I want to crush my paints with my forehead and snap all my paintbrushes into tiny pieces. And that’s worth something, right?

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3 thoughts on “The Art & Drama of Handpainted Furniture

  1. I, for one, never get tired of looking at this stuff. Beautiful! I’ve enjoyed (and benefited from) every direction you’ve gone and would have trouble identifying my favorite style.

    • Thanks Amy! I appreciate the support through all the years of painting…whatever. Next time you want any decorative painting done – maybe at the Old Home Place (!) – let me know!

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