Good Show/Bad Show: A Preview

Warning: Not suitable for people with taste. Or a preference for decent photography.

When I return from New York I’ll give a more extensive overview of some of the brighter moments of the Landscape of Stuff at the New York Gift Show. In the meantime, however, here’s a little glimpse of what I call Good Show/Bad Show:

Good Show:

Reproduction of a 1930s era woodblock wallpaper fragment.

A lovely, large-scaled piece of our design past.



Bad Show:

Fortunately for you, the full effect of these Dancing Devils can’t be experienced through this photograph. Crafted of the most delicate-test of glass, these devils are slender and graceful specimen, just the very ideal of Satan’s henchmen laughing it up in hell. You can’t quite see it in the photo, which is just as well, but one of these devils is actually depicted in flagrante preparing for an amorous rendezvous, replete with just a little more glass than all the other devils.

Now I know we are in desperate times here, but are we really so desperate that we are trying to sell (and buy) this junk at respectable wholesale shows? Maybe there should be a New York Gift Show Arbiter of Taste that makes the rounds through the aisles, keeping an eye on things. Hopefully, in the case of the Dancing Devils, armed with a baseball bat.

A happier post about the Gift Show to follow…

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