Greatest Hits: Folk Art Diorama

When running a store, sometimes you remember a certain piece more fondly than others, so that you actually feel a bit wistful when it’s sold and out of your life. But not enough to want it back. (An important distinction.)

This flea-market diorama is one of my favorite pieces ever, a bold attempt to replicate the more refined antique nautical dioramas (one of which is depicted below). Such a charmingly miserable failure. Which is what makes it great folk art.

It definitely belongs in The Roving Home Archive of Greatest Hits.


20th century Diorama. A school project? Who knows. But it was executed with more panache than skill.


19th century Diorama. Beautifully rendered and highly collectible. But not a Roving Home Greatest Hit. Photo credit: Heath Robbins



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