Interiors: A Raw Beauty

Image of her parents house from Molly's blog

When I need a bit of calming down – without the aid of pharmaceuticals – I head over to the blog Molly Ruth. The blog’s author, who I met when she came into my Rockport store, favors the minimalism of Scandinavian design and has the sort of simplified sophistication that will never go out of style.  It turns out that she comes by her abilities genetically. Not to take anything away from Molly, of course, but when you see the interiors of her parents’ house, it all makes sense.

Molly featured their house in February of last year, and now, a year later, a few of those images are still in my head. For most us, operating by the wits of our own aesthetic and without outside guidance (read: an interior decorator), the combination of restraint and comfort found in Molly’s parents house would be difficult to get right. That’s the thing about minimalism, whether rustic or modern. It may look simple – which is its appeal of course – but it is not necessarily simple to achieve. It takes a lot of discipline to avoid excess. Just ask any anyone on a diet (you shouldn’t have trouble finding more than few of those this early into the new year).

So, a nod to Molly’s parents, and I can only hope to take a page out of their book in my own interiors. For more, click here.

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