Life in the Slow Lane

Apparently the going aesthetic has been defined by a segment of the under-40 population, who are spending their time wandering from Waldorf Schools to Williamsburg with occasional stints in damp, gray European cities. These people love taking photos of portions of things: the tops of trees, a steeple, their feet — usually bare — the tops of their heads, their slightly askew bedsheets. They are suspended in a sort of childhood (or old-peoplehood, with their cardigans and wide-eyed confusion), which, paradoxically, is created by the use of technology. They love using their iPhone apps to create sepia photos of the requisite typewriter and record player. They speak so slowly and softly that you would think they are all from Canada — not just the couple featured in the video below. This particular couple  — Valeria and Daniel — both have a lovely sense of style, but one wonders how they stay awake long enough to produce anything. And all of these Etsy types  are auteurs, every single one. Thus I present to you “There’s No Place Like Here: A Film by Pascal Perich”.

4 thoughts on “Life in the Slow Lane

  1. I am not a huge etsy shopper, but I have bought some items from them oddly enough. If they were not so genuinely sweet I would maybe be annoyed by them.
    When will you make your movie debut?

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