The Vintage Life: In the Classroom

I just added some vintage educational charts to The Roving Home store. These are large charts, measuring 18 1/2″ x 24″ and the graphics are fantastic. I’m not sure why vintage classroom paraphernalia holds such appeal. It’s not as though all of us loved school so much that we want to recreate its trappings at home. Maybe it has something to do with the color, the graphics, or maybe (more likely) it’s the promise of all that a true education has to offer that we associate with vintage pull-down maps, blackboards, globes and charts. We remember (faintly) a time when the world was strange and exotic and we actually imagined that we might do something fascinating with our lives.

I don’t think I’ll stop acquiring vintage classroom items anytime soon.  Besides, I’m still on the hunt for the ultimate antique educational prize (according to my tastes anyway). This piece was made by A.J. Nystrom & Co., the Midwestern company which also manufactured my circa 1950s charts, in the early part of the 20th century. It combines my longstanding interest in orbs, chalkboards, globes and antiques in an extremely compelling way.

Image Credit: All My Eyes

2 thoughts on “The Vintage Life: In the Classroom

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