To a Good Home Only…

Blenko Glass plus Teak? So Chic!

When I sell pieces I really like I often say to the person buying it, “E-mail me a photo of the fill-in-the-blank when you get it home! I’d love to see it in its new habitat!” Every time, the buyer looks at me like I’m a little nuts, and only a few times has anyone ever followed up with an e-mail and a picture of the piece they purchased.

The 1950s Lamp

But I’m happy to say that I just received a photo of my beloved Blenko Glass Ball and Teak Vintage 1950s Lamp, sold at some point last summer, and I’m going to share it with you. Because I’m excited. Excited that the lamp lives on, and that it lives on in Chicago — such a great city — surrounded by a bunch of interesting stuff. Like that fly swatter situation on the wall there.

So, a big thank you to the customer who sent me the photo. Clearly, this one went to a good home, and I have no seller’s remorse.

3 thoughts on “To a Good Home Only…

  1. This lamp must be thrilled to serve a dual purpose now – shedding light on its new Chicago home and attracting insects who then meet their demise with that fly swatter. I know it was hard to let it go but it must give you such satisfaction to know that it’s accomplishing so much!

    • Ha! I should have clarified, as the photo for some reason will not upload in a larger size, that the fly swatter is an artsy sort of thing that doubles as a wall clock. In fact, every single element in the photo is a handmade piece (the frame, the flowers, etc.) only, sadly, you can’t tell this is the case because the image is so small. Sorry about that. But not to say that the flyswatter-clock could not still serve the purpose of killing insects. And yes, I receive great satisfaction from the thought of the lamp helping that particular cause. A high-end mosquito lamp.

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