Signs of Success

You look at your kid and think, “What will become of this person?” You try to interpret their tantrums, their sweet moments and everything in between along the Serial Killer-to-President spectrum. So when I contemplate my own son’s preschool chaos, I am always looking for signs of order, of a deeper intelligence, those qualities which will move him ever closer to a potential Presidency on the all-important Spectrum of Success. (or Spectrum of Abject Failure, depending on whether or not you’re a glass full or glass empty kinda person).

I think I found another scrap of evidence in his favor a few days ago, a clear indication that he possesses a sort of soulfulness, when I entered my room to find him creating an artful installation with a small dress form as a kind of cork board, using straight pins and various bits he found lying around, including a Canadian five-dollar bill, which, as everyone knows, is not real money, so I didn’t mind him playing with it. (I’m only kidding  — why, some of my own flesh & blood are Canadian citizens and they tell me that they actually use the currency to buy things!)

He unearthed vintage brooches and plastic bracelets and other things I didn’t even remember I had, informing me that his very favorite piece was the charm bracelet with its little spoon and tiny lock and other small bits. That piece is my favorite, I told him. I like that bracelet because it’s a cunning little thing, capable of surprises. Just like someone I know.

He even managed to sneak in one of my business cards into the design. Bless him.

Bonus: the backside of the dress form.

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