Weekly Wrap-Up: Furniture, Fruit & Dangerous Books

Find-of-the-Week: Vintage Settee

I love this vintage settee. The only problem? So did someone else. And they snatched it up before I could return to the store to claim it as my own. It would be perfect at the end of a bed, in a wide hallway or entryway, as a room divider, pulled up to a library or dining table.

What’s New in the Store?

New in The Roving Home store: wood fruit in a bowl. This handmade mid-century piece is composed of several individual pieces of wooden fruit. Carved fruit as decoration is as relevant as ever, stylistically-speaking. And as subject matter, fruit will never go out of fashion — dating all the way back to those lush Dutch still life paintings with fruit as the featured player.

Three Links You Might Like…

  1. When Collections Go Terribly Wrong. Click the link for an article about a couple trying to save a collection of 350,000 books — at the expense of the house the books are in. It’s tough when you have to choose between your books or your house — especially if you’re like us. Here at The Roving Home, we pretty much like both equally well.

    Cindy and Mrs. Brady better watch out. Too many books is no joke.

  2. One Blogger is Very, Very Generous. The blogger behind Oh Happy Day is giving away a trip to Paris for two that she has basically funded herself (in partnership with a Paris hotel). Pretty amazing, right? And I bet this blogger’s friends and family told her that writing a blog would never work as a full-time job. “Make a living writing a blog?” they said. “No, no, no.” they said, “Don’t quit your day job to work on your blog full-time. Don’t even think about it. What are you, crazy?”  Crazy as in I’ll-move-to-Paris-and-publish-my-blog-from-there-and-then-fund-a-Huge-Giveaway-on-my-blog-that-will-make-it-even-more-popular? That kind of crazy? Then Yes, the Oh Happy Day blogger is crazy. So click the link. Enter her contest. You would be crazy not to.
  3. Buy This Map. No, you don’t have to buy it. But check it out and you might find that you want to. From These Are Things, the studio of a Columbus, Ohio couple (my hometown, an increasingly visible hipster heaven), this is a design-savvy way to absorb an important fact — the names of all the state capitals — without straining your brain with the dreaded rote-learning methodology. If only all information could be presented just as attractively, we would hardly need schools anymore. Hmmm…not a bad idea. (Thanks to the blog Molly Ruth for the tip about this map).

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