A Sledge For All Seasons

Whittled into Place

Last winter I wrote about a sledge my husband built, a throwback to life in a more primitive time. He uses the sledge in the winter to haul logs out of the woods over snow and ice. The sledge generated some interest, so I thought I would give an update. This week we needed to move several extremely weighty bluestone pavers, as well as a dishwasher we were getting rid of (which was so old it felt like a throwback to life in a more primitive time), so the sledge was pulled out of summer storage. And it hauled everything with an ease that belies our dependence on wheeled dollies and hand trucks. I thought I’d ask my husband, or Mr. Roving Home as I like to call him for the purposes of this blog, a few questions about building the sledge.

TRH: What made you think of building a sledge? Why not use a wheelbarrow or handtruck?

Mr. RH: I needed to move things out of the woods that were extremely heavy without having to lift them very high off the ground. Wheelbarrows are awkward and limited — and I didn’t know how to make a wheel.

TRH: Very funny. How are the joints held together?

Mr. RH: With oak pins.

TRH: What are oak pins?

Mr. RH: Little dowels I made out of oak.

TRH: Are the joints glued?

Mr. RH: No.

TRH: You didn’t glue that thing?

Mr. RH: No. Not a drop of glue or a screw is used to make it.

TRH: (surprised silence)

Mr. RH: It should last five years or so. The runners are taking a beating — they would benefit from some steel on the bottom.

*end of interview*

The Details:

Tools Used to Make the Sledge: Drawing Knife & a Pruning Saw & a Drill (The drill was electricity-powered. He’s not Amish, just old-fashioned.)

Wood Used to Make the Sledge: Green Oak, cut in Autumn.



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