Food as Color Inspiration

For good or for ill — mostly for ill — I cannot make the switch to the Raw Food diet, currently (and justifiably) in vogue among the health-conscious. However, inspired by these healthy types (Abby of 5th Joy, Taylor Wells via Food for Thought, the latest issue of Whole Living), I have been eating one or two meals a day composed of food in a raw state. Manipulated of course, but still raw. This is easy to accomplish during a New England summer. The combination of fresh produce and sunny, warm days makes the idea of turning on the stove less than appealing — but just so’s you know, I have no plans to continue this raw-ness beyond September, when roasted vegetables and warm apple pie come into play.

In the meantime, doing as little as possible to the food in my life has had an unexpected benefit: color. It turns out that uncooked food offers much inspiration in the way of saturated, vibrant color. I stare at my plate — or glass — and find myself thinking of the possibilities…(brown walls or green walls with my zebra skin? hmmm….)

Get Your Color On!

Chocolate Pudding (Click photo for source & recipe)

Chocolate Walls (via House Beautiful.)

Green Juice (click photo for source and recipe)

Green Juiced-up Walls (via

Red Beet Salad (Click photo for source & recipe)

Chair by Jaime Hayon (via

6 thoughts on “Food as Color Inspiration

  1. Spot on Sarah, nature is the ultimate design resource for
    so much – thanks for the reminder. I am with you on the
    raw food done seasonally, are winter vegetables flown from california really worth eating raw .
    As always my mother way ahead of us, in insisting on a nightly salad with dinner, this seems to be a sensible application of raw food. Although I will try that chocolate/avacado pudding.

    • Let me know what you think of the chocolate avocado pudding. My first attempt wasn’t so great — think the avocado was so raw that it wasn’t fully ripe. I’m going to try again.

  2. I love the food and interior pairings you have here, and I’m totally with you.. I don’t think I could ever make the switch over to the Raw food diet.

    ..mmm I hear that apple pie calling me ha ha!


  3. I think it’s interesting that the raw food has SO much color. There’s the universal adage that foods with the most color have the most nutrition. I’m trying to incorporate it into my family’s life, too.

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