Weekly Wrap-up: Fabric, Food & Fourth of July Fun

Fabric: Mally Skok Design

Mally Skok is a force of nature — she designs interiors, fabric, and wallpaper, as well as a fabulous life which she generously shares with everyone in her vicinity. And if you’re not in her vicinity you can read about it on her blog. Originally from South Africa, Mally lives in Boston now by way of everywhere in the world. London, especially, is a huge influence in her life. A  few weeks ago she invited a few Boston-area bloggers to her house for lunch, and it was easy to spot both elements of both England and Africa in her house. She designed her own interiors in a mix of traditional furnishings on a comfortable scale, terrific confidence of pattern and color, her own fabrics (updated versions of the classics), and, in true English fashion, a very happy dog. The food was delicious, the conversation compelling, and Mally even asked Russ Mezikofsky, a photographer, to photograph the proceedings with an actual camera that took two hands to operate (no smartphone camera for him!) so that this gathering of interior designers, lifestyle experts, PR & social media gurus could be documented in a manner appropriate to life in the digital age. Check out Mally’s work, especially her fabrics, at www.mallyskokdesign.com.

p.s. Look for her fabric to be offered on One Kings Lane very soon!

Fired Up for the Fourth

Fireworks? Not for Rockport. Our town’s 4th of July tradition is unique: the Fireman’s Association hosts a huge parade, followed by the Rockport Legion Band playing in the gazebo near Back Beach, where, as soon as it is dark enough, a massive bonfire is lit. And by massive I mean a bonfire with flames that soar several stories into the night sky at their peak. From a design perspective, the beauty and power of Rockport’s bonfire holds much greater significance than the complex series of fireworks synchronized to the music of Lady Gaga, Billy Ray Cyrus, et al. taking place down the road in Boston at the same time. And one of the best parts of watching the bonfire is watching the crowd watch the bonfire. You see their faces reflect the intensity of the light and heat as hordes of people inevitable back away and away from the heat of the fire as it increases until they are standing in the ocean itself, the water a soothing counterpoint to the the mass of flames.

Happy 4th of July — I hope your celebration of American independence involves fire of some sort, whether it’s a spark or a bonfire.

Rockport's Independence Day Bonfire

The bonfire, as seen in reflection on the faces of my family.

Bonus: A New Kind of S’more for the Backyard Bonfire

Click HERE for an update on that summer classic, S’mores, from food writer (and buddy of The Roving Home) Heather Atwood.

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