Weekly Wrap-up: Art Shows & Beach Monsters

Rocky Neck’s Nights on the Neck

That Rocky Neck in Gloucester — America’s oldest art colony — is a great place to meet a friend, see some art, eat dinner and listen to live music during one of the monthly “Nights on the Neck” events almost goes without saying. What should be pointed out, however, is the unique quality of the place itself. With uninsulated, almost camp-like buildings that evoke summertime just through the sense of smell alone, Rocky Neck is a place out of time. That piney, heat-of-summer aroma overtakes you as you creak across old floorboards to peer at art made by summer residents (and a few hearty year-rounders) in building after building, little rabbit warrens of galleries, shops and restaurants. It’s not a fancy place, but in a world that likes to think art should only exist under climate-controlled conditions, it’s a relief to be there, looking at art free of the price of admission, if you know what I mean.

Rocky Neck: the floor of a summer gallery

Rocky Neck: the ceiling of a summer gallery

Rocky Neck: an old cart and a new chair at Marine Railways

Find of the Week: Beach Monster

People are endlessly surprising in their creativity. Just when you write beach-goers off as a mindless crowd of self-indulgent sun-worshipers, you take a midnight walk on the beach to discover that someone crafted a Beach Monster out of ocean finds. This creature stood at a height of six feet or so and looked as though he had emerged from the ocean, dripping with seaweed and ready to eat small children. I immediately felt ashamed of my last anemic effort at a sand castle, with its single turret and sad little stick shoved into the top. I resolved to do better next time.

Beach Monster! The Beach Monster & his crazy eyes

Google Search Term of the Week

A semi-regular feature in which I chronicle the weird and wacky ways people find this blog by typing certain terms into the Google search engine window.

This week’s term? Well, I had two terms I liked and I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. The first because it was sweet and the second because it was so hopeful, placing its faith in Google for the answer to an eternal question.

Google Search Term 1: “chaste love affair definition”

Google Search term 2: “how to make a living in a small retail shop”

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