The Roving Home at Todd Farm

July 17th dawned bright and clear — and hot. My friend Carolyn came along with me for the fun — more on Carolyn later, as her vintage style deserves its own post — and we unloaded and set up our wares in no time. Lots of fascinating people stopped by, some we already know, some we just met that day. The usual suspects were there bright and early with the take-it-easy types coming around 10 am (which, in flea market time, is the equivalent of midnight). I confess to falling in the latter category, so I was happy to hang around with the late morning crowd and pass out the doughnuts, fresh from Marty’s Donut Land (yes, Donut Land does exist. You can find it in Ipswich, Massachusetts). Thanks to Linda for bringing the treats – they went great with the coffee and conversation. Check out the photos from the day and look for our next pop-up shop, brought to you in early November — and this one will be inside, out of the elements — I promise.

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