Weekly Wrap-up: Festivals & Found Objects

Off to Make Some Music

This week’s wrap-up is going to be simple, as I have been a little crazed getting ready to leave my New England home for several weeks to go here:

If you have to ask what this is, then you ain't no Buckeye. Admittedly, the "I" is a little shaky.(photo from Cleveland.com)

I’m leaving home, family in tow, to work on an event in Ohio – a “micro-music festival” — overseeing the heavy labor involved in getting The Building (as we call it) renovated for use as a music hall. I might pick up a paint brush or two but my overall strategy involves a lot of directives issued over a cell phone (see: Reality TV renovation shows) — usually at an intensity level guaranteed to make everyone else involved in the project hate my guts (see: Reality TV). If only cameras were rolling to capture all this drama. Hmmm…maybe I’ll make my own show to post on The Roving Home. Lots of editing will be called for and no doubt I’ll come out of this thing looking like a hero.

The Building - an early 20th century brick structure with amazing plaster walls and Paladian windows. Hopefully it will come back to life in the 21st century, newly remade (but not too remade) as a Music Hall.


Found Objects

You must, MUST read this post by writer Heather Atwood, who usually addresses the endless and endlessly fascinating topic of food and the people who grow, cook and eat it. She occasionally departs from this subject matter if something equally compelling captures her interest (Lady Gaga for instance) and last week she treated her readers to a great post on Wells Gustafson, a compelling subject if there ever was one.

Click HERE to head over to Heather’s post.

Wells Gustafson's artfully rendered card game scorecard (photo courtesy of Wells' son via Food for Thought)

That’s all, folks. Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted on The Roving Home’s whereabouts. And I hope you all are having a happy summer, sweating out these July days in style!

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