Art Now. Right Now.

So much to share about The Roving Home’s recent activity: everything from interesting vintage acquisitions to a micro-music festival we were a part of back in the grand state of Ohio over the Labor Day weekend. But first, here’s what’s on my mind right now: a very cool event called Art Now Rockport scheduled for Saturday, September 17th from 7 to 9 p.m. The event features the following: five contemporary artists, an informative presentation by New York-based Art Advisor Lydia Barry Kutko, and a bit of food & drink in a cool low-key setting with deep ties to Rockport’s history. As far as the presentation goes, it will no doubt be both fascinating and informative as Lydia is the whole package: smart, informed, funny and possessing a great aesthetic sense. She will put the work of the five artists in the context of Rockport’s storied art heritage — all while letting the world know that yes, there is contemporary art in Rockport and it still exists as a place that embraces working artists. The setting for the evening is the beautiful & historic home of Abby of 5th Joy — no slouch in the aesthetics department herself.

Artists + Food + Drink + Art Insights = a compelling way to spend your Saturday evening. Tickets are limited, with a percentage benefiting Rockport Art Festivals, so you can have a good time while doing some good.  For more information head over to the Art Now Rockport site or e-mail me with any questions:

Click the image for more information

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