A Little Monday Pick-me-up

Because who doesn’t need a pick-me-up on a Monday?

A few resources you might enjoy. The first is The Daily Heller, a design blog that focuses on print graphics, the art world and anything else that manages to strike blogger Steven Heller’s fancy.

Through The Daily Heller you can find all sorts of interesting ideas and information, which leads me to the second resource, a link featured on today’s post on The Daily Heller letting readers know that illustrator Henrik Drescher is selling his trove of original drawings, many of which were used to illustrate The New York Times Book Review – or was it The New York Review of Books? Either way, the drawings are fantastic and fantastical. He’s also unloading some of his illustrations for Pat the Beastie, a story that puts the children’s classic (more or less) Pat the Bunny in a whole new light. You can tell a lot about yourself by which version you prefer, Bunny or Beastie.

That’s all for now, folks. Coming up this week on the blog: a summary of Art Now Rockport, a feature on the latest vintage goods, and a little tip on foraging for food in these recessionary times (really!).

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