Interiors: Of Dolls & Murder

Last year around this time I mentioned the a book about the work of Frances Glessner Lee called The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. A documentary on the same subject has just emerged, and no wonder, as the fascinating vignettes  depicting crime scenes created by Frances Glessner Lee in the early 20th century are truly compelling, both for their function as small studies in crime and for their macabre quality. These dollhouses are all work and no play, a deadly serious business, and still in use today for training detectives, surprisingly enough. Frances Glessner Lee’s attention to detail, her obsession with getting everything just right, was not only the hallmark of a serious craftsperson, it also allowed her to create timeless pieces that will, sadly, always offer a story to tell, no matter the technological advances we make when it comes to catching murderers.

Check out the link to the documentary here: Of Dolls & Murder. And here’s a link to more information on the Studies themselves from a book by Erin Hooper Bush — well worth a look.

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