Interiors: Hipster Decor

Last year I wrote a post on the hipster haven that is the Ace Hotel. Since then I’ve been surprised at how many people find this blog by googling the phrase “hipster decor” or, by using another popular search term, “what is hipster decor?”. I began to realize that if so many people are asking, the thing formerly known as post-college/early-20s malaise decorating has morphed into a full-blown trend with its own name: Hipster Decor. If this is the case, what, exactly, does the term signify, or rather, what are the signifiers of this style? What follows is a superficial analysis of Hipster Decor, sub-types included at no extra charge. And I even hand-wrote this post to honor the most cherished of hipster tropes: anything analog.

10 thoughts on “Interiors: Hipster Decor

  1. Very instructive. This should be transferred to Wikipedia immediately, though really, I am not sure that wikipedia fits the hipster ethos. Do hipsters use their macs in that way?

  2. And don’t forget that hipsters LOVE owls. I’ve devoted an entire board on Pinterest to this creepy owl phenomenon [] that might be related to the “Put a bird on it” hipster meme.

    • I do believe there is a taxidermied owl in a case in one of the images. So our woodland friend the owl is not forgotten. Off to check out your Pinterest owl board…

  3. This is slightly worrying. Its looks just like our house. We are hipsters and we didnt event know it! The only thing that is missing is one TheBigForest artist bears on the sofa!

    • Oh we are all of us hipsters in one way or another. I myself have an obsession with typewriters, just for starters. And as far as your artist bears go, they transcend any trends – they are very cool little creatures. So carry on TheBIgForest!

      • Thank you! We made a DJ Hipster bear a couple of weeks back for a customer and there is a post about him on TheBigForest blog! Love your blog by the way, we will be back soon………….

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