We Have a Winner!

Actually you are ALL winners as they say. But self-esteem mantras aside, there could only be one prize winner of The Roving Home’s first “I Love My Vintage ______ Contest”. Thanks to all of you who submitted photos of such great vintage pieces. As I’ve already mentioned half a dozen times, it has been a sheer pleasure reading the stories behind your submissions. Over the coming weeks I’ll post a few of the contest entries, as well as photos of favorite vintage pieces from readers and bloggers who didn’t participate in the contest but are sharing their snapshots and stories as part of our upcoming Home (re)Cycled show in April.

As far as the contest goes, we received a submission from as far away as Melbourne, Australia (from the amazing Helena of Empirical Style), but wouldn’t you know? It’s the one entry from our own town of Rockport, Massachusetts that carried the day. I don’t personally know Jenna, the winner of the contest, but I will keep a sharp eye out for her now that I know that she can be seen around town tooling around in her vintage 1967 VW. The story behind her entry truly captures why our old things are so compelling. In Jenna’s case, the car represents a direct link between her father and her own children.

The Winner: Jenna's 1967 VW Beetle

Here is my 1967 VW Beauty. My dad was known as the “VW Man” in my hometown. He owned a VW repair and sales business. VWs are dear to my heart especially now that my dad (and my best friend) has passed. I hope to pass this down to my daughters so that they can experience what I did as a young child. RIP Dad…I miss you!

– Jenna of Rockport, MA

One thought on “We Have a Winner!

  1. I am so pleased with your chosen winner, how great she has this link to her father still driving around.
    I had almost forgotten that we had a red convertible VW growing up, what fun it was. Thank you Jenna for sharing your favorite vintage item with us ,I will be on the look out for you in the VW and it will surely make me smile.

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