Interiors: Collaborative Design

Photo: Michael J. Lee for New England Home

The current issue of New England Home features the work of Amy Meier Design in the Rockport home of Abby Cahill O’Brien. Amy & Abby have been friends forever, and when you see them together they come across as a collective Superpower of beauty and taste. It would be intimidating if they weren’t both so nice.

From my perspective as the purveyor of The Roving Home, I was excited to see my old shop counter featured in one of the lovely photographs taken for the article. Abby bought it when I no longer needed it, having closed the store in Rockport. It has been really nice for me to see such a beloved piece live on in her historic home. The counter was even crowned with a new, thick piece of marble that suits it so much better than the simple pieces of glass I placed on the top when it was in my store. And I love the look of the whole dining area, particularly the fact that the interior trim of the windows is painted black; it frames them in such a modern, yet thoroughly traditional way. The whole house is like this: a successful blend of old and new, which works for me as this approach is a particular obsession of mine.

Let’s hear if for good design and friendship — both of which sometimes seem in short supply these days!

Click HERE for the article in New England Home magazine and please check out more of Amy’s classic design work if you aren’t already familiar with Amy Meier Design.

5 thoughts on “Interiors: Collaborative Design

  1. A great post about a lovely home on a wonderful Rockport property. I’ve always been intrigued by Rockport Lodge and it’s great to see this beautiful transformation. Thanks!

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