New Addition

Francie's first day.

Last week was busy with all sorts of projects, culminating in the arrival on Thursday of Francie, the newest addition to our household. So far she has been exceptionally quiet, sleeping her days away in the manner of newborns. This will change soon enough so for now I’m just enjoying these hours of staring at her placid little face and being amazed at it all.

In honor of Francie, here are some links to great posts by other, more organized and design-savvy bloggers than I who have managed to put together their nurseries before the arrival of the baby. What a novel idea! My style, on the other hand, is one born more of necessity. Eventually I’ll put the whole thing together – hopefully before Francie’s first birthday.

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” — Don Herold,1889-1966


1. Abbey Goes Design Scouting

2. Amy Meier Design

3. Honey & Fitz

4. Angela Furr

11 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Love the name…Lucky girl to have you to design her Nursery.. .Nothing too fancy for Francie!!….she will most definitely have your stylin’ eye right from the start!

  2. hi sarah! this is so overdue but i was reading your blog and read about little francie. she is just the sweetest thing. much love and happiness to your family! congratulations!

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