Interiors: My Reality

I had three visitors yesterday (this is what happens when you have a baby – you are the recipient of generous people bearing gifts) and along with gifts, every one of my visitors dispensed words of wisdom.  The third, final, and — not coincidentally — oldest visitor began to discuss with me what my days were like. She said that this time in my life would be remembered in a blur, that I should measure success by making it through another day. And that I should dress my children within the first 15 minutes of them waking up or we would all spend the entire day in pajamas.

I think she might be right. In my foggy state every evening (I’m writing this at 1 a.m. when every other soul in this house is finally, finally quiet. At least for now) I imagine all the piles of things that I will do when I wake up the next morning. And then I wake up the next morning and stare at my lists of scribbled directives — and I make a LOT of lists — before drifting back to sleep while my oldest children watch shows on Netflix and I half-yell, half-mumble to them to watch something “PBS-ish”. It’s bad enough that they are spending their early hours watching TV but it would be unbearable to think of them watching The Amazing Spiderman instead of Super Why! Here’s a confession: I don’t like Super Why!, even if it is supposed to be good for my kids. Besides being painfully, self-consciously educational, I think it is  a dumb show with horrible computer-generated animation and eviscerated plot lines of classic fairy tales destroyed for political reasons. For example, when it comes to the character of the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, it turns out that the poor creature is actually just trying to play hide-and-seek with Little Red Riding Hood. He has no interest in eating her at all, and if only he weren’t so misunderstood, they could be best friends. I’m not kidding. That’s the sort of messed up plot that drives this show.

So maybe my kids should be watching Spiderman. Or maybe they shouldn’t be watching anything. Maybe I should be downstairs soft-boiling eggs and making toast points while they quietly wait at the table with napkins in their laps. But that’s not happening. And I’ll tell you what else isn’t happening: this blog. In my mind anyway, I have all sorts of interesting posts lined up about interiors, posts detailing my deeply held opinions about design magazines, posts featuring some new fantastic handmade products from our store. But all of this information is stored away in my head, locked in a back room somewhere behind I-hope-the-baby-is-okay and if-I-step-on-another-stray-lego-somebody-is-going-to-pay-bigtime.

So: ta ta for now, readers. I’ll be back in a few weeks as my brain cells gradually re-inflate. In the meantime I plan on engaging in some very real world activities, whether I like it or not.

4 thoughts on “Interiors: My Reality

  1. Sarah, I’m afraid of advice. Every time I give it, within seconds my children prove to world that I know nothing about raising them. But I kind of agree with the person who told you to get everyone dressed in the first 15 minutes. That’s excellent advice.

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