Obsessions: Chesterfield Sofa

Our living room/dining room measures 25′ x 12′. I’m just making that up, actually. I don’t really know the precise measurements. The point here is that the room is an open, large-ish sort of space. Right now I have a pretty conventional set up: dining table on one end, couch on the other. I switch this up within reason, but overall, I stick to an unimaginative furniture layout. However, I have come up with my ideal scheme for furnishing the room, based on how we actually utilize the space. This ideal layout involves two essential elements: one big couch and one big table.

My ideal living room. At this point in my life.

I’m flexible on the specifics of the big table. It can be a trestle table. It can have turned legs, or tapered plain ones. I don’t care. What I do care about however, is the sofa. I would like a leather Chesterfield. Why a Chesterfield? I don’t know. I am a little obsessed with them, and have been for quite some time. I’m not a formal person, to say the least, and they have a pretty stuffy air, so my preference doesn’t really make sense. I think it’s the clubby feel they convey. Maybe I’m more aspirational and class-conscious than I realize. But even though a Chesterfield is traditional in its English library, Masterpiece Theatre kind of way, it manages to be thoroughly modern as well, with all that tailoring making it streamlined in spite of itself.

This is what I aim for: the best of both worlds.

Zinc top trestle table, from the Amy Howard Collection.

4 thoughts on “Obsessions: Chesterfield Sofa

  1. Studios of old had huge work space tables for projects and dining as well as couches for napping and pondering. Your idea sounds perfect to me. What i particularly like about your design is no TV. Go for it.

    • Thank you Tom! I love the connection you make to the classic studio/atelier, which is what I am imagining in my head, even though I hadn’t made that connection myself. And yes to the no on the TV thing. But I’m a hypocrite: I watch stuff on my computer…

  2. I say that an obsession with a Chesterfield sofa is as good as any! I love the subtle and no so subtle variations in the style. Apparently not everyone feels this way for there are always Chesterfields on ebay! I prefer a tuft-free seat as you do. Love your sketch and your dream and I hope the room comes true for you.

  3. Remember that imposter C-field I had for a nanosecond? I found it in the Want Ad (RIP) and bought it from a former bachelor, whose new wife said: Out. It smelled of old hope and realized despair. Plus, it was about a half-inch too short to stretch out on and read.

    That’s not what you’re talking about here, right?

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