Four Online Magazines Just for You

Magazine-a-rama. Image source HERE.

The online magazine forum has just exploded over the last few years. Not only have hundreds of new publications entered the marketplace designed specifically for an online format, but print magazines are now printing digital editions as well. The result is a mind-boggling amount of content — a whole lot of which is very, very cool. And for the traditionalists out there, the option always exists of acquiring a print version (for a fee) of any online magazine you might find appealing.

I occasionally sift through the selection of online magazines hoping to find the best, at least according to my taste. And the good thing is, there is definitely something for everyone out there among the excess. There is also stuff for no one, publications so poorly produced that they don’t deserve even a tiny sliver of the infinite digital bookshelf.

So I want to share with you, IMHO as they say, a few publications that I really enjoy. And feel free to let me know what you’ve discovered out there in digital magazine land. In the meantime, gather up your screen survival kit of water, a snack, a bottle of aspirin and some eyedrops. Prepare to be inspired; just don’t forget to blink. Some of these publications come in at 200+ pages.

Here are my current picks, from granny chic to DIY geek to urban freak (hey that rhymes!). Click on the name of the publication to check it out for yourself:

Sweet Paul Magazine

This magazine is unbelievable. Tons of content and inspiration, especially for types of the handmade persuasion. Crafts, cooking and much more — and all of it beautifully photographed. The whole publication bears the stamp of its creator, Paul (he’s sweet!), a food stylist and photographer by day, a DIY impresario by night. I think we all just found our new Martha, and his name is Sweet Paul.

Covet Garden

This is a really cool monthly magazine that is manageable in length yet manages to dig in to its subject matter. This is because the editors build an entire issue around the way of life of a single subject (and family, if applicable). The subject, always someone in a creative field, details in photos & interviews his/her home, music & books, style, work, et cetera. It’s a great way to touch on a lot of general ideas while remaining incredibly personal. In a good way.

Kinfolk Magazine

Delightfully pretentious in concept, Kinfolk Magazine accomplishes what it sets out to do, almost in spite of its hipster ethos. After reading it you want to break bread with people you know. Or don’t. Which is the point of Kinfolk, to create community out of anyone who is willing to take the slow road. This is a magazine with a manifesto. A manifesto! Believe me, I didn’t read it.


This magazine is so cool that even if you’re a suburban out-of-it lady like, for instance, me — you are going to feel (momentarily anyway) very connected, just by perusing its pages. It definitely has its finger on the pulse of whatever is going on in music and fashion. You know, the things cool people care about. The editorials are pretty fantastic for an online magazine, or just about any magazine. And the most amazing thing is that this pulse, the beat of culture, is heard all the way in North Carolina where the magazine is produced. Honestly it’s hard to hear anything in NC besides chaw-spitting and barbeque chewing (I can say that because my husband is from there. So it’s okay.) so the fact that WeTheUrban comes out of North Carolina is only slightly less surprising than the fact that the magazine’s editor is a 17-year-old kid. Now if that isn’t an example of a new world order I don’t know what is.

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