Camping in the Adirondacks

Our vintage Coleman stove and lantern – still kicking after all these years.

Giving a S’more s’more melting time at the risk of burning his hand.

Swimming in Hart Lake.

A little side-of-the-road river swimming.

Out-of-doors entertainment.

Butterfly Garden at the tiny Nature Center at the campground.

Map and books at the campground’s Nature Center.

Mammal skulls of the Adirondacks.

Inside the Adirondack Lodge.

Birch sconces.

The original structure. Plus mealtimes at the Lodge. No lunch for you — you’re supposed to be out hiking!

One thought on “Camping in the Adirondacks

  1. What a great gift you give your children when you take them camping! And the experience of visiting a classic lodge may someday be unavailable, so sad to say, as the upkeep and maintenance of old properties challenges even the best resorts. I know your children will grow up to be good stewards of the earth from their camping adventures. Lovely photos!

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