Since the Madden Road MusicFest event on September 1st, The Roving Home has taken an inadvertent break. Suddenly it all became overwhelming: children, house, events, filling orders. In fact that last one — filling orders — fell off my radar to the degree that I was giving refunds in lieu of shipping. Apologies all around, especially to you, Lisa Vincent.

I think I’m back now. The domestic ship is (slightly) more steady, with another event behind me, Rockport’s HarvestFest, which took place on October 13th on our local working wharf in downtown Rockport. HarvestFest occurred on a day so picturesque it looked as though we placed an order for good weather containing the keywords “Autumn” “New England” “coastal” and “crisp” — and God obliged on all counts.

Coming up are some exciting developments at The Roving Home as I reconfigure a few things to make it all more manageable and even more compelling on the visual front. But I need to be realistic, moving forward. I have definitely come to realize that I am certainly not one of those women who can do it all, and if I look at my little brood and see that they are suffering from maternal distraction, I may have to take another break from all things design-related and pay more attention to all things domestic-related. But even though I can’t do it all, I will try to come a little closer in the coming months. So here’s to the new season, autumn in New England, and my deep resolve to, after I fall, get up again. Pun intended.

A few photos of Rockport’s HarvestFest, below

(All these great photos via Oasis Rockport, thanks to photographer Angela Cook!)

One thought on “Fall.

  1. So glad you’re “back” and it looks as if the Harvest Fest was once again lovely! As a young working mom a million years ago, the smartest thing I did was finally admit that I couldn’t do it all! My mantra became, “I shouldn’t do it all!” and that helped me prioritize what really counted, and in general made my life and that of my family very happy indeed! While today you may be dreaming of a time when children stay in bed until 7 a.m., soon you’ll be wishing your teenagers would get up by then!

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