The Last Vestiges of Life Before Destruction

The dramatic title of the post is in direct proportion to the dramatic descriptions in predicting the havoc that the storm — due to arrive nearly any minute now — will wreak here on the East Coast. Terms like “apocalyptic” have become commonplace over the last few days. But I took my primitive pre-storm panic impulses in hand and refused to race to the store to buy loaves of bread and gallons of milk. (I’ve never been clear on why we all buy milk when the electricity is almost certain to go out. Guzzling warm milk by candlelight while eating slices of bread…ummm…delicious.) Instead I raced out to take pictures of the last traces of the our yard & surrounding woods in Autumn. It’s always sad to say goodbye to Fall, that beautiful season of decay. And this Fall has been especially lovely, with day after day of cool air and blue skies, of sunlight filtered through intense yellows and variations of orange and burnt umber. I don’t know exactly what the color burnt umber is, but I’m using the descriptive anyway, as it just sounds like Autumn.

So here it is: The Last Moments of Burnt Umber Before the Apocalypse. Which will no doubt sweep it all away. And when the veil is lifted, our field of vision will be limited to the skeletal remains of trees and a sky the color of slate. This will be the state of things for approximately the next, oh, six months or so. The Storm is coming, and with it, the beginning of the long, dark New England winter. Bring on the candlelight and warm milk.

Our street…

The ocean — calm for now — just beyond the trees.

cosmos, still in bloom.

5 thoughts on “The Last Vestiges of Life Before Destruction

  1. Sarah, so beautiful. We went out for a drive yesterday and were glad we did for it may be the last we see of those gold and brown leaves for the season. Post-Sandy probably means trees stripped bare. Beautiful in their own way for sure, but I am glad you captured the color for posterity.

  2. Be safe and let your thoughts turn from the loss of autumn’s beauty to the wonderful feeling that can come with the winter’s first snowfall! Well, that’s probably a bit too optimistic at a time like this. I’m hoping for everyone’s well-being and safety. Do take good care! The photos are very lovely!

  3. Great post! And great shot of the (aptly-named) cosmos waving in front of the house – so sweet and optimistic. It is a challenge to keep that panic at bay, though. It’s worth not staying “informed” by the news just so I can keep my wits about me; not sure “they” help. Perhaps it would help to go bake some cookies (after I go across the street and rip down the neighbor’s wind chimes).

    Be safe, friend.

  4. I hope it holds true this time for you folks: seems like when they predict these ‘apocalyptic’ happenings, they never quite get it right (sans New Orleans). Anyway, hold on tight, here it comes!!

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