Shhh! I Made a Secret Board…

For those of you who use Pinterest, you were probably as happy as I was to learn that the site now allows for what it calls “Secret Boards”. I’m not an avid Pinterest user, but I must admit being on the annoyed side of irritated to find that every image I wanted to save to a file for future reference had to be posted in a way that was so glaringly public to all of my 103-plus-or-minus-followers. (Not that I care at all about the number of Pinterest followers I have. But feel free to follow me on Pinterest.) How would I keep my unoriginal design thoughts safe from prying eyes? But srsly, when one is working on a project and wants to use Pinterest to organize one’s thoughts, one doesn’t always want the process to be so transparent. So when I found out about the new Secret Boards, how could I resist racing over to Pinterest to immediately make an extra top-secret one? I couldn’t, that’s how. And now I’m going to share a few images from my TOP SECRET Holiday Project Board with you! But don’t tell the Pinterest overlords that I’m making my Secret Board sort of public. That’s probably a violation of the Secret Pinner Rules of Conduct.

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