Estate Sale for Tiny People

yard sale 2

I’ve wrapped up the interiors of the Dollhouse Project — details on that later. In the meantime, it’s time for a yard sale. Too much tiny furniture, and as decluttering comes second only to losing weight on the list of annual New Year’s resolutions, clearing out extra furniture, even if it’s on a 1:12 scale, still feels pretty good.

yard sale 6

yard sale 1

yard sale 3yard sale 4

10 thoughts on “Estate Sale for Tiny People

  1. oh sarah i have such a weakness for miniatures that stretches far back into young childhood. i have a huge victorian dollhouse i got for one of my birthdays that never got put together. sometimes to this day i go look at it at my mom and dad’s garage….. lol
    not sure of my point there; just talking i guess!

    • What is it about miniatures? I feel the same way — confused about why I like them, but still fascinated after all these years…

  2. This delightful post really gave me a chuckle! About 30 years ago I built a dollhouse (from a kit of course), carefully painted it and began to make furniture–I was obsessed with tiny desks, grandfather clocks, corner cupboards, etc. When my daughter was old enough to play with it, it was always filled with out-of-proportion objects, and she always took the furniture out, looking like she was hosting a yard sale! The house often looked like a heavy wind had just blown through town, or as if it had been inhabited by grad students! A garage sale of tiny stuff would have been a good idea.

    • That’s true about kids — their version of playing when it comes to miniatures is far less fussy than the standards of adults. Your comment supports my theory that most dollhouses are actually more for hobbyists (usually retired men in the 70s) than for kids. And Ann I would love to see photos of your furniture — the pieces you made — if you have any.

  3. Loved this post!! Next time you’re home I want to take you to my sisters basement. She creates beautiful doll houses. We’re not allowed to touch but she lets us look. She gave me one for my girl grands about a year ago. They, too, can look but not touch.

    • Oh Mrs B. I would love to see your sister’s houses! (I will leave the kids at home for this field trip.) I’m already looking forward to it.

  4. I’m curious about the history of the home and the furniture and what sad events have led to the estate being sold off. Please update with details.

  5. Do you know about the magazine NAME, from the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts? My sister-in-law was reading it when I sent her your blog. She also regularly goes to Mini-Meetings where they make tiny things like windchimes out of wire! Fun world!

  6. I am the sister – in – law. I am enchanted by the mini yard sale, it looks so real, well staged!! Only wish you really were having an estate sale, the pieces are so lovely.!

  7. Will forward your post to The North Shore Miniature Society – (of Long Island, New York). We are and enthusiastic group, and I am sure they will appreciate your take on all things small.

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