Winter White & Silver

Thomas Philbrook: Rockport in February

Main Street in February: Rockport, Massachusetts {photo credit: Thomas Philbrook}

It’s snowing here in New England again, and if you’re a kid, a skier or someone who plows for extra income, then today is a good day for you. Right now I’m sitting by the fire with a hot cup of fresh coffee, so it turns out today is a good day for me too.

Another feature of today is that it is the last day to enter your story in our I Love My Vintage _____ contest, which really serves as an excuse to hear your tales and see your stuff.  If you’ve taken the time to participate in this year’s contest or last, thank you so much! I plan on sharing your stories over the next few days so that everyone can enjoy them, especially non-Facebookers (and there are many of you out there).

As I was harassing people this all week about entering, I began to think about my favorite vintage item and what I would choose if I were submitting an entry to this contest. It’s actually tougher than I thought. Because what is meaningful to me isn’t necessarily all that appealing, or it doesn’t have a great story attached. And sometimes it’s hard to articulate why we care about the things we care about.  I look around my house at all my stuff, and nearly every piece holds significance of some sort, even if the item itself is worthless.

One thing that I’ve carted around with me since I was 16 years old is a large silver loving cup. I picked it up out of a pile of trash during an auction at an old YMCA just before it was torn down in Springfield, Ohio. It was one of the first times I felt brave enough to defy convention and publicly declare my affinity for something that other people considered trash. All these years later, Midwesterners still love to tear down and throw away anything old (every time I go back to Ohio another old building has been reduced a pile of rubble), but now I’m smart enough to know that they’re the crazy ones, not me.

Vintage Love Contest: Trophy

Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend.

— actress Lucy Liu

4 thoughts on “Winter White & Silver

  1. Hi Sarah. I’m so glad that you are enjoying a peaceful moment on a snowy day! As one who also thinks about the stuff that surrounds me in my home, I feel good about being a Midwesterner who appreciates what others consider trash! On a sadder but not unexpected note, my mother-in-law recently passed away leaving my husband’s childhood home of 65 years–in our hands to determine what to do with what I have always considered “treasures”. Yep–a home with original kitchen and bathrooms in near-mint condition, contents of prior generations in addition to all the “new” items of mid-century. Right now it’s just too much vintage for me to face. But I’m thinking of all of the wonderful entries, loving the stories and always very pleased to learn of others’ great love for something from the past–trash or otherwise. Enjoy your snowy day!

    • Ann, I’m sorry for your loss. An entire house full of stuff is overwhelming, especially as most of it holds so much personal connotation. I’ll be thinking of you as you sort through these memories and thanks for taking the time to comment in the middle of all you have going on…

  2. I love the beautiful picture of Rockport on a snowy day – awesome! No snow in upstate NY today, just lots of wind. It feels like someone or something is trying to huff & puff and blow my house down. I am looking forward to reading the vintage stories. Nothing in a mall can ever replace the value of the memory of a treause you have had for along time.

    • A friend in Rockport took this picture this morning and I thought it captured the today’s meteorological mood perfectly. I also like the fact that it looks like it could have been taken 100 years ago. And as far as the stories about vintage stuff go — I totally agree and am looking forward to sharing them this week! Thanks for reading, Darleen!

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