Curatorial: The Dollar Store in the Spring

As has been previously established here, The Dollar Store is my go-to place for cheap holiday thrills. I’m not a fan of seasonal-specific decorating, at least when it comes to my own life (all that dragging out, sorting, and putting away with the holiday stuff becoming increasingly broken and disorganized with each passing year…it’s too much of a reminder of my own mortality and decay). The Dollar Store, however, provides just enough of a nod to whatever it is we’re currently celebrating to satisfy my household. And as a bonus, it is less hypocritical to shop there than other stores such as, say, every other chain store. They are all built on cheap imports, and while avoiding such places altogether would no doubt be the best way to celebrate modern life, at this point I settle for a life nearly free of cheap imports.

Paper garland up close

Apologies for contributing to our cultural poverty aside, I love The Dollar Store. Specifically, Dollar Tree (not all dollar stores are created equal).  For Easter this year I bought pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen, anywhere. My children agreed, as it was the winning element in their Easter baskets. It was a little wind-up white bunny, that hopped around the table in a way that made our hearts sing. The other hit at the table was the floral paper garlands. Total cost: $5. Breakdown: 3 bunnies and 2 paper garlands at one.dollar.each. And I can pull these items out year after year, theoretically anyway, at least until they break or it gets too depressing to see them again.

Bunny up close

Of course there are entire sections of Dollar Tree that would qualify for a house of horrors, but that’s part of the fun. Find the high design (well…that might be a stretch) buried in the middle of the low, exploitative design. Speaking of high design, Brett from Lula’s Pantry here in Rockport (a store that is practically perfect in every way) provided the most delicious and mindful components of the Easter baskets: chocolate bunny ears and jelly beans so good that you could eat handfuls without feeling as though you’d been doused in a chemical bath. Not that anyone should eat handfuls of jellybeans, ever. But people do. And we should be provided with a means to not become ill in the process.

Thank you, Brett.


2 thoughts on “Curatorial: The Dollar Store in the Spring

  1. or you could just view the $5 as payment for NOT having to put the stuff away only to be dragged out next year. pitch it all and buy new next year. done and done.

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