Projects: Li’l Nefertiti Needs a Nursery

As I predicted would happen, my baby just turned a year old and I haven’t yet managed to make a cute place for her to rest her giant baby head. (It’s true, she really does have an exceptionally large cranium, which is why we call her Li’l Nefertiti.)

Why won't you make my room cute?

Why won’t you make my room cute?

She shares a room of a decent size with her two siblings in the manner of a British nursery, only without the nanny. The room itself is not without its charm, especially considering the fact that it was built in the budget-conscious year of 1995. And my baby has a decent crib, given to us by my sister who bought it in Belgium when she was living there. This is irrelevant, except for the fact that it gives the crib a certain caché, at least in my mind, and means that the crib is, like the Belgians themselves, small and attractive. Unlike our dear American cribs of larger proportions. (If only we would eat more frites, baguettes and chocolate like the Belgians do! Oh wait…)

It’s not just the nursery. House projects are piling up these days: stone walls and bookshelves and handmade farm tables and refinished floors and vegetable gardens and re-staining the siding and painting the trim and  treehouses and outdoor-chandeliers-on-pulleys-over-picnic tables and…

But first things first, I need to make the baby’s room more attractive before she completely loses it. Or leaves home after graduation, whichever comes first.!!!


10 thoughts on “Projects: Li’l Nefertiti Needs a Nursery

  1. Well, first of all, Li’l Nefertiti is precious, precious, precious even when asserting her independence! And as for giving her a cuter room, it’s something I never got around to doing for my daughters…until now. After nearly 30 years (and of course they don’t even live at home anymore) I am having their rooms re-done. I admit it’s more than a little bittersweet since it means no more “shrine to Bono” (the walls and ceiling poster-papered habitat of one) and painting over the lovely black chalk drawings and french phrases done by the other. Of course the cribs have been gone for a long time, but now they’ll each have a lovely mahogany sleigh bed which belonged to their grandmother. Take pictures before you begin. One day you’ll want to remember the room as it was.

    • Thank you Ann. We’re big fans of her, giant cranium and all. And thanks for your encouragement to appreciate this time with her before it’s time repaint the room for yet another stage of life.

      p.s. I’m SO glad you took the opportunity to visit the Hartman Rock Garden. You are amazing! And one of these days we need to connect at a GMG mug-up (I have yet to make one of those things myself…).

  2. Good to hear, I too, have a large cranium. A milliner once told me, ‘Honey, I get one hat a year that might fit your head’. I survived and so will Francie. As far as the new sleeping arrangements, I grew up in a house with eight siblings and we had a total of two bedrooms in the house. Hard to contemplate that, I’m sure, because we had both genders (not three like there are now) . Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post and viewing the pictures of your sweet little girl.

    • I can’t believe that a milliner said that to you! And I can’t believe you actually tried to get a hat from a milliner! It’s amazing to think that it wasn’t that long ago that having 9 kids in a two-bedroom house wouldn’t have been that unusual. If someone grew up that way today, the topic would be worthy of a memoir…maybe even achieving bestseller status…

  3. So sweet……She is a dolly!!! Well, I’ve learned to just mention one thing at a time to my husband in regards to house projects and the like! Oh, how the wheels turn nonstop in my head….{yes, Luke & Zach’s room needs painting and the floors sanded–the list continues… please…..
    Enjoy your day!

    • Oh yes, the looooong to-do list. The last two weekends we have taken some time to just wander through a few different parks and enjoy the spring. It felt nice to take a break from my hysteria over getting stuff done.

  4. Oh I do hear you and I did a little girls’ room in pink, w/a white antique iron bed and a pull out undrerneath for when my precious granddaughters came to stay – ( now 13 & 15) I did this when I moved into this charming little village house after my husband passed away. I had lots of plans and energy 11 years ago, but not anymore. And those 2 little grandchildren well they are growing up
    with very busy schedules and don’t have time or money to come and visit grandma anymore. I think Emma came and stayed once the 1st year I lived here. This room is now kind of a catchall- (ironing board up when I rarely iron) etc. But it was the thought that went into it. When I grew up (w/9 siblings) in a 4 bedroom house there was a LOT OF SHARING rooms! To the point of me running on like this – you worry about it way more then they ever will and our to-do list aren’t going anywhere soon so try not to lose sleep – it’s not worth it in the long run! I know because I have for the past few years and it only makes me miserable – no one else. And you know – we had a great childhood in those old fashioned rooms (w/the lead painted windows) and no paint on the walls!

    • I love that you are letting me off the hook. And you’re right: I’m worrying about it far more than she is (or will). Thanks so much for your comment!

  5. Haaa! I loved this post! My husband has a huge head so I am pretty sure we’re destine for large baby heads. She is so adorable – I love the last picture, it is so drama perfect. I can’t wait to see what you do with her room and man do I envy all your lovely vintage finds.

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