At Home: 6.18.13

A rainy day in June provides the chance to contemplate one’s surroundings. Verdict: too many books. The piles depicted below are just in one room; other rooms have their own piles. It would be impossible to read all of these books in the time we have left on this earth. Especially when Reality TV beckons. And work. (That too.)

3 thoughts on “At Home: 6.18.13

  1. Wow! What a perfectly timed post…and respite. You see, I’m supposed to be sorting books, but thought a few minutes of screen time might make a nice break. For the past 2 weeks we have been sorting, organizing and donating books–the major dust collectors in most rooms at our house. We LOVE books, collect old and rare books, read anything and everything, give and get books as gifts, and although we know better, we still buy books. But we have had too many for too long. When I first started to sort into 2 piles–keep and don’t keep, the keep pile kept growing, the don’t keep pile wouldn’t fill a shoebox. And then I took the first few to a local thrift store where you just have to drive up and drop off. It was satisfying. So much so that it led to another drop-off, then another, etc. 500 books have now left our home and I’m on a roll and can barely even remember any titles that were once shelved or stacked around the house. What I can’t yet bear the thought of, is dealing with the children’s books. Wonderful literature for kids and grown-ups, they will stay in the basement waiting for grandchildren to discover them. If our kids didn’t spend so much time reading, maybe we’d have grandchildren:-) Best of luck with your stacks, with the baby’s room and with the Rockport Farmers’ Market! I’m anxious to learn about all three.

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