At Home: 3.19.14

Like the snow still lingering outside, right now my house is dirty, grey, and irritating to behold. I looked around this week and realized that being trapped (more or less) in this place for the last several months has become a sort of anthropological experience: signs of small children and the worlds they create are everywhere. Sometimes the signs that children dominate this place  are random, sometimes they are deliberate, little displays set up with care. Until I step on these displays and kick the composition across the room. Which leads me to my biggest surprise as a parent, and it’s not how very terrible potty training has been. It has to do with how much kids love the floor. How much they adore littering the floor with stuff,  taking every opportunity — and where none exists, they create one — to throw things, small and large, on the floor. A large part of my day is picking stuff up: library books (please don’t tell Carol, our beloved librarian, this fact), legos, puzzle pieces, cups, food stuffs, more cups, articles of clothing, on and on and on. But it’s not just the floor, children just generally love a surface, any surface, to spill things on, write things on, leave things on. So this month’s “At Home” photo essay is dedicated to my dirty, end-of-winter house and its small inhabitants. And to the fact that we bid winter goodbye this week, at least officially if not in reality. So long winter, 2014. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you monster.

8 thoughts on “At Home: 3.19.14

  1. When I still travelled for my job, I would unpack my two suitcases in the hotel room and every surface would be littered with the detritus from within. When a co-worker happened to see it, they would be shocked at the mess. I just knew it all had to go back in the suitcases at the end of the stay so I was not the least bit bothered by it. The child within wanting to be messy, and out of control………… just for a bit? I get the cover every surface with stuff that your children enjoy. Cold comfort but am just sayin !

    • I am truly thrilled to know this about you, as I have utmost respect for your perfect taste in all things. And I’ll take all the comfort I can get, cold or not.

  2. I totally understand this.
    And I hope winter stays away for you, it has been brutal for the NE this year!
    I love that you take these photos, capturing these memories is (in my humble opinion)
    oh so important.

    • I’m trying to get better at documenting their lives. Now I just need to actually organize and print the photos…thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I love the pineapple in the living room–a symbol of gracious welcome and hospitality to the spring that might come!

    As for floor duty, many years ago I visited a friend who had 3 young boys. I was amused to see that the floor coverings in their rooms were large, round canvas tarps with grommets threaded with a thick rope. At the end of the day, the whole mess was gathered to the center of the tarp, the rope tightened, and the resulting huge canvas bag was hung on the hook on the wall.

    Spring will come, along with all the wonderful colors, sights and sounds–including more toys dropping on the floor. Enjoy these times with the little ones!

    • That is hilarious. What a solution; I have never ever heard of such a thing and think it’s weird and brilliant. And I love your take on the pineapple as well. Maybe we should always keep a random pineapple in the living room!

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