Bouncing Back

The world is burning down, but in the middle of the chaos, it is important to get outside. Vitamin D, endorphins, dopamine? I dunno the physiology of it, but COVID cowers when confronted by bare-faced nature.

As a prescriptive move, we went to New Hampshire over Easter, and hiked to the top of a little stunted mountain. The hike was listed as “moderate” in trail guide, but this is true only if you are moderately in shape. The husband, kids, and dog scrambled nimbly to the top. I walked behind them, which is a diplomatic way of saying they remained out of sight for much of the hike. Then I saw this rock that some soft-hearted poor speller had left in the crook of a tree, as thought it had been left just for me.”u r lovd” the rock said, and I knew everything would be alright. This was just before the bear attack. (Ha, just kidding. Though an asthma attack was eminently possible.)

Easter services were held in a tiny chapel on the side of the road. In attendance were the same four people I’ve been staring at for the 13 months of COVID isolation. The service was short as a result.

The weekend — miserable hike and all — marks the beginning of bouncing back. The world will open up again (if we don’t burn it down first), and in the meantime I’m planting new little baby seeds and harvesting the spring greens from the greenhouse. In your face, entropy.

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