My Work

2020: the Year of the COVID. 

Who knows what, exactly, this year holds? Lots of staying home, of course. So far in domestic news I strengthened my sourdough game, acquired a hive of bees, and also started making kombucha — all of which demand a lot of time and attention. Not to mention raising the kids. Listed, below, are a few of the things I’m involved with in more typical times.


A selection of a few things I’ve made, as well as a small selection of images from various projects and events. BOOKS Collaborations with artist Mary Faino: ROME: a day (2018)   A Day in Rockport (2015) More of my writing HERE MUSIC Collaborations with musician (and brother) Daniel Dye: Madden Road Music Fest (annual)  … Continue reading MAKING


When asked what I do, I answer (tongue-in-cheek) that I’m an event-monger. It’s not so much that I love events, specifically, as it is that I deeply value what can happen when we are forced to get away from our screens and into the same space.


For my more formal projects, I write about religion and culture, community work, and a series of collaborative children’s books. When writing the blog (linked here), I ramble on about everything from interiors to Downton Abbey (RIP) to pretty much anything that crosses my mind, in true blog fashion.