My Work


Another year of writing, gardening, cooking, baking bread, pickling things (onions, radishes, the occasional carrot…) Another year without the usual roster of events, of mostly staying home, though the projects move forward (tiny house, remodeling, beekeeping…).

I hope you will join me as I post about food, gardening, creating, and gently weeping. No, not that last one. I will keep the weeping private. Also: I will be posting about Jane Austen adaptations and other period costume dramas as they emerge. Except for Bridgerton. I will not ever, every post about Bridgerton.


A selection of a few things I’ve made, as well as a small selection of images from various projects and events. BOOKS Collaborations with artist Mary Faino: ROME: a day (2018)   A Day in Rockport (2015) More of my writing HERE MUSIC Collaborations with musician (and brother) Daniel Dye: Madden Road Music Fest (annual)  … Continue reading MAKING


When asked what I do, I answer (tongue-in-cheek) that I’m an event-monger. It’s not so much that I love events, specifically, as it is that I deeply value what can happen when we are forced to get away from our screens and into the same space.


For my more formal projects, I write about religion and culture, community work, and a series of collaborative children’s books. When writing the blog (linked here), I ramble on about everything from interiors to Downton Abbey (RIP) to pretty much anything that crosses my mind, in true blog fashion.