Resources: Glorious Destruction

image: Valerie Hegarty

Having experienced the strange annihilation of a house fire, the work of artist Valerie Hegarty in this show at Guild & Greyshkul really resonates. The weird negative space left after a fire — suddenly there is no there there — is only compounded by encountering the bits that are left, many of them altered into versions of themselves that still manage to be recognizable. The same, yet absolutely different.

The pieces in this show function as a sort of symbol of what happens to us after we undergo a transformative experience. As a culture, we may try to psychologize our way into understanding life-altering moments by giving our post-whatever selves a diagnosis and a whole lot of pills, but ultimately, we just choose between moving forward or not. You may not be able to fix any of the pieces in this exhibit of Valerie Hegarty’s work , but you can’t stop marveling at them, because they are so beautiful.

image: Valerie Hegarty

image: Valerie Hegarty


Art Now. Right Now.

So much to share about The Roving Home’s recent activity: everything from interesting vintage acquisitions to a micro-music festival we were a part of back in the grand state of Ohio over the Labor Day weekend. But first, here’s what’s on my mind right now: a very cool event called Art Now Rockport scheduled for Saturday, September 17th from 7 to 9 p.m. The event features the following: five contemporary artists, an informative presentation by New York-based Art Advisor Lydia Barry Kutko, and a bit of food & drink in a cool low-key setting with deep ties to Rockport’s history. As far as the presentation goes, it will no doubt be both fascinating and informative as Lydia is the whole package: smart, informed, funny and possessing a great aesthetic sense. She will put the work of the five artists in the context of Rockport’s storied art heritage — all while letting the world know that yes, there is contemporary art in Rockport and it still exists as a place that embraces working artists. The setting for the evening is the beautiful & historic home of Abby of 5th Joy — no slouch in the aesthetics department herself.

Artists + Food + Drink + Art Insights = a compelling way to spend your Saturday evening. Tickets are limited, with a percentage benefiting Rockport Art Festivals, so you can have a good time while doing some good.  For more information head over to the Art Now Rockport site or e-mail me with any questions:

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