Camping by Design: Campaign Furniture

If your planned camping trip to the local state park over July 4th needs a little revision, why not consider heading over to Africa? Especially if such a thing involves sleeping in a four-poster like the one pictured below. Now this is camping! Read on for information about staying at the Singita Game Reserve and take comfort in the fact that your trip to the wilderness will be more civilized than the horrors of life at home. This tent has more attractive furnishings and more comfortable accessories than any room in my house, I can safely say. But it makes me happy just knowing that, somewhere out there on the Savannah, cocktail hour and picnic hampers live on.

I want to be asleep in that bed. Right now.    source:

Say, what’s in that tureen? Something delicious no doubt. And I’m intrigued by the pith helmuts, apparently a still relevant type of headgear. Who knew?     source:

Check out the description of a stay at the Sabora Tented Camp: “Return to Sasakwa for a night, bid adieu to your trusty steed, and transfer by vehicle to Sabora (which has no stables). The tents are all furnished in the grand old Hemingway theme with large four poster beds, campaign furniture and writing desks. All the tents are made of brown canvas with a long wooden balcony running along one side that look out towards the east, across the vast plains where the Great Migration flows. Surprisingly, should your healing require further exercise, you will find a ‘health and fitness’ tent, spa, heated plunge pool, and a clay tennis court. Or perhaps by now you will have learned that surprises happen regularly at Singita.”