An Event at the Rockport Public Library

I’m excited about reading A Day in Rockport at an event with my friend and collaborator in this project, artist Mary Faino. We will be reading the book, talking about the illustrations, and working on a book project with the kids attending the event. Also: A Scavenger Hunt. Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Well, probably lots of people. But if you don’t like them, don’t let me know about it, because we’re having A Day in Rockport Scavenger Hunt! You can follow the clues and take the same path found in the pages of the book, from Millbrook Meadow to the Old Harbor. If you are in Rockport and of a suitable age, or just the kind of person who likes events of this nature, then please come to Rockport Public Library on Wednesday, July 20th at 2pm!



Favorite Finds: Handmade Stamp Collage

Look at what I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago: someone took the time to carefully cut up postage stamps, most of them cancelled 20 and 22-cent stamps, and arrange them by color to create a collage of a visit to a park, ca. 1910. I made up the circa, but if you look at the clothing of the characters in the picture, the outfits convey an early 20th century feel with inflections of Mary Poppins. While the stamps are United States issue, the composition is certainly filled with British-isms, complete with the figure of a bobby gravely overseeing a little girl free of a parental gaze. The details get better and better the more you look at the picture, from the Chinese lanterns to the ticket seller to the nanny with a pram and a dog. The best part is, the entire collage is composed within the framework of a stamp itself, serrated edges and all — creating a composition worthy of the US Postal System.

This, frankly, is why pawing through other people’s cast off junk is worth it. Because every once in a while you encounter something that links you to the past — even if, as it is in this case, the past is just the mid-1980s when these stamps were issued —  in a way that restores your spirit in the ability of human beings to create the good life, piece by tiny piece.