What Do You Love?


There isn’t a soul on earth who doesn’t enjoy a good story, and last year I came up with an excuse to hear some of yours. Here at The Roving Home we hosted a “I Love My Vintage _____” contest for February where participants were asked to submit a photo of a favorite vintage item along with a few words explaining the reason for their affection. We had entries ranging from a vintage VW car passed down from father to daughter to a cache of letters written between family members over decades to favorite dishware acquired piece by piece. It was a lot of fun to see and read about the different pieces people value and the contest reminded anyone who followed along just why it is that we love old things. (Not that most of us need a reminder…)

So at the risk of bothering you again, I’m going to ask (again): what is your favorite vintage item? It can be something you came across last week or something you have held dear for a lifetime. If you don’t mind sharing a picture and your story, submit it to our Facebook page HERE. If you’re not a fan of all things Facebook (and if this is the case I am deeply supportive of your position), submit it via email to therovinghome@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions is this Friday, February 15th. Voting will begin on Saturday and continue until February 22nd.

This year’s prize is a vintage trophy and some coffee and chocolate in honor of the season of love. And if you win the contest but have no interest in shiny trophies, vintage or otherwise, hate coffee and despise chocolate, we’ll work out another prize that will make your dead heart (just kidding) pound with happiness.

Vintage trophy, vintage diner coffee cup, fresh coffee and chocolate: deeeelightful!

Vintage trophy, vintage diner coffee cup, fresh direct-source coffee and chocolate: deeeelightful!

We Have a Winner!

Actually you are ALL winners as they say. But self-esteem mantras aside, there could only be one prize winner of The Roving Home’s first “I Love My Vintage ______ Contest”. Thanks to all of you who submitted photos of such great vintage pieces. As I’ve already mentioned half a dozen times, it has been a sheer pleasure reading the stories behind your submissions. Over the coming weeks I’ll post a few of the contest entries, as well as photos of favorite vintage pieces from readers and bloggers who didn’t participate in the contest but are sharing their snapshots and stories as part of our upcoming Home (re)Cycled show in April.

As far as the contest goes, we received a submission from as far away as Melbourne, Australia (from the amazing Helena of Empirical Style), but wouldn’t you know? It’s the one entry from our own town of Rockport, Massachusetts that carried the day. I don’t personally know Jenna, the winner of the contest, but I will keep a sharp eye out for her now that I know that she can be seen around town tooling around in her vintage 1967 VW. The story behind her entry truly captures why our old things are so compelling. In Jenna’s case, the car represents a direct link between her father and her own children.

The Winner: Jenna's 1967 VW Beetle

Here is my 1967 VW Beauty. My dad was known as the “VW Man” in my hometown. He owned a VW repair and sales business. VWs are dear to my heart especially now that my dad (and my best friend) has passed. I hope to pass this down to my daughters so that they can experience what I did as a young child. RIP Dad…I miss you!

– Jenna of Rockport, MA

We Want to Know: What is Your Favorite Vintage Item?

I’m excited to announce that The Roving Home’s next show is scheduled to open on April 21st. The idea behind the show (well, the idea behind everything at The Roving Home, really) is an exploration of the place that old things have in our lives, whether our items are valued in the marketplace or just for sentimental reasons.

I’m also excited to involve you in the process of putting together the show. One of the ways I plan to demonstrate the meaning of our old stuff is by featuring snapshots that readers send in of their favorite vintage item. So I would love it if you could take a few moments to submit a snapshot of something old in your house. Feel free to include yourself in the photo — and if you qualify as vintage, that works too — just make sure to include the vintage item as well as your decrepit self. The item in the snapshot could be something you inherited or a piece you just picked up at the thrift store yesterday. Something as small as a teacup or as large as your house itself. And if you can, please send in a couple of sentences stating why the item is significant to you. It would be fascinating to see which of your older possessions you find meaningful and why.

And here’s the contest part: I’m going to post the snapshots on our facebook page, and your job is get all your friends and family to vote for their favorite. Why you ask? Well, the winner of the Vintage Stuff Contest will receive a vintage school map (market value: $165. sentimental value: priceless). You can view the details about the map HERE.

The contest winner will receive this vintage school map.

Vintage maps are not only terrific conversation pieces, they make great high-impact, affordable works for your walls, whether you are designing for a cottage, a child’s room, or something a bit more sophisticated. A few examples:

Image: Poetic Home

Image: Design Mom

Image: Emily Henderson, Secrets from a Stylist

image: Chateau Interiors & Design

I would love to include some of your stories and images of highly-prized old things you hold dear in our upcoming show. The more casual, the better. Here are a few examples of the type of photo that would be perfect for our upcoming show.

My grandmother's wedding photo which hangs on the wall in our hallway. I just happened to be around when she was sorting photos. She had a couple of these and I think would have thrown the duplicate away if I hadn't snatched it up. I love how tiny and pretty she looks.

The link to the contest on Facebook is HERE, but if you want to participate and aren’t interested in the contest, I would still love to have your photo. Please e-mail it to me at therovinghome@gmail.com, or send me a message if you want to send a hard copy of your photo via the post office and I’ll send you my address (yes, I would truly love to receive something in the mail from you. Such a thing will never lose its appeal). Of course you must be willing to have your snapshot used in the show and sending it in gives The Roving Home permission to display the item along with a few lines of explanation from you about why the item is meaningful. Thanks so much for your help, and I hope to see you joining in on Facebook or in my e-mail inbox!