Objectified: Designers Think Out Loud

Weekends in our household are spent with our good friend Netflix.  By now Netflix knows me better than I know myself; when Netflix guesses just how many stars I’ll give a particular film, Netflix is usually right.  It’s all very Jetsons-ish.  When it comes to weekend viewing, I just sit back and let Netflix do my choosin’ for me.  Now if only Rosie would come up to my computer and- with a few robotic this-es and thats – enter the movie into my Netflix queue, the vision of the future according to the Jetsons would be fulfilled.  I could just sit back and drink my slurpee and watch away.  (No, I don’t really drink slurpees, I just wanted to invoke an apt image of sloth.)

This weekend’s viewing included the documentary Objectified, a film on the world of industrial design and how it intersects with all of our lives, every single day, whether or not we are aware of this fact.  It’s strange to consciously realize that everything we use was designed by someone – usually with an end toward function that, if executed well, does not draw attention to its design.  Meaning, our favorite pen is our favorite pen because it works so beautifully, not because we are conscious that it was “well-designed”. Continue reading